Professional Sewing Training Program 

Learn Production Sewing

Taught by Peg Koerselman

Classes starting at DDI on May 10th, 2021.  Class runs May 10, 2021 - June 14, 2021

In Class Sessions Mondays and Wednesdays, 10AM - 6PM

Studio Lab Time on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays

Cost $700 / limited enrollment  

All state and federal safety standards applied to the classroom setting


There are plenty of opportunities for employment in the sewn product industry, and never enough sewers. The goal of this class is to get you ready to seek employment in this field. 


These classes are designed for beginner stitchers, or one who has experience on home machines, but wants to learn how to sew on industrial machines with the aim to be able to acquire employment.


Machines learned and used in this series are lock stitch machines and sergers.

Other machine types will be referred to and demonstrated.


Students will learn – 

  • How to thread and wind a bobbin (on appropriate machines) for your machine 

  • Thread tension and adjustments

  • Understanding thread and needle sizes 

  • Trouble shooting and maintenance 

  • How to sew straight hem

  • How to work on different weights of fabrics

  • Various seam closings

  • How to sew corners

  • How to sew curves

  • Zipper installation

  • Various machine stitches and why one would use one over the other

  • How to use a serger to overlock or close seams

  • And more


The Sewing process for production is different than that of a home sewer. The sewing techniques used in manufacturing are what will be taught. Upon completing required proficiency levels, the student will receive a certificate of proficiency. We partner with many Cut and Sew houses that are looking for at least that entry level of proficiency and people to employ with that proficiency.

To apply for the program/scholarship, please contact DDI at

Photos from our first class in October