Sewing 101

Saturdays October 2 – November 13

1:30 PM – 6:30 PM
Cost $390
Limited enrollment

Description: This seminar is a series consisting of 6 sessions of how to sew from the
ground up. It is not project based, but knowledge based.
The goal of this seminar is to get one comfortable with sewing basics, to build
confidence in one’s sewing endeavors, whether designing with knowledge of
construction techniques, or simply comfortable making one’s own clothing, or anything
What to Bring: Your sewing machine if you have one, or if you want to learn on one of
the industrial machines available at the studio then that is available also. If you do not
own a sewing machine and are waiting to purchase one until you have a little more
knowledge there will also be a few machines to learn on provided for your use during
class. If you do bring your own sewing machine, THEN ALSO BRING your manual and
your bobbins.
What will be Taught: Everything from how to set up your machine, tension,
maintenance, trouble shooting potential problems with the machine; How to work with
fabrics, how to use a RTW pattern and fitting it to you. The student will sew darts, pleats,
tucks and gathers and learn their specifics for fitting and style purpose. How to set
sleeves, collars, make buttonholes, insert zippers and what interfacing is for and which
type to use when. A section on applying various waistbands will be covered. The class
will cover both working with woven fabric and knits, and an overview of fabric weave
and weights.
Other: Along with using the basic lockstitch sewing machine, this class will include how
to use a serger. The DDI studio has sergers available for the students to use during the
class. Again, this class is not project based, but knowledge based, but as the class
progresses, it is hoped the student finds projects they want to work on as part of the class,
so when the techniques they need to learn to complete their projects are covered, they are
then self-sufficient to do so.

Pattern Making and Technical Design

3 hours per week. Cost: $1680 per student.
Free Orientation Session will offered on Friday, October 1st from 11 to 11:30 am
Class Limit 5. Orientation attendant limit 10.

These classes will be led by Keti McKenna--an expert in the fashion industry. She has many
years of experience in New York City and is a successful Denver based designer of
Her modern design methods mixed with humor, enthusiasm, and acclaimed patterning and
design skills will provide you with confidence and creativity to pursue your goals.

-Earning a DDI Issued Incentive Certificate of Completion
-Manipulating and adjusting body sloper to different styles and sizes.
-Fitting your garments and altering your patterns
-Drafting and pattern making a skirt, pants, sleeve, tee shirt and more
-Grading basic size to different sizes according to industry standards
-Copying an existing style/knock-off

Classes begin on Saturday October 2 nd and end on January 15 th , 2021 .
14 weeks of classes
Saturday lectures 10am-1pm
ENROLL NOW on DDI website
Cost is $$1680 per student. includes 2-month designer-in-residence membership at DDI.
Supplies purchased separately with discount at Ralph's (next door) and PDF pattern of
bodice sloper $15
DDI will supply free pattern paper, muslin and knit fabrics for class assignments