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Member Agreement: 1. Monthly Dues: Membership dues automatically recur monthly. 2.Termination: The agreement can be terminated by either DDI or the Member at any time, with or without cause, but unpaid amounts for periods before termination must be paid in full. 3. Purpose: Members intend to use DDI's facilities and equipment for fabricating apparel and sewn soft goods. 4. Liability Release: Members release DDI and Ralphs from any liability resulting from using their equipment, services, and physical space for any activities. 5. Compliance: Members agree to comply with machinery instructions and warnings. 6. Membership Details: Memberships are non-transferable and intended for one person. Limited allowances are made for additional team members or guests. 7. Conditions of Use: DDI makes no representations about the condition of equipment, space availability, hours, or any other aspects of operations. Operating hours are subject to change. 8. Image and Recording Consent: Members consent to their image or recording being used by DDI for various purposes without the right to inspect, approve, and waive any related compensation. 9. No Pets: Pets are not allowed on DDI/Ralph's premises. 10. Responsibility for Equipment and Supplies: Members are responsible for repairing and maintaining any equipment they damage. They must bring their own supplies, but limited supplies are available for free use. DDI reserves the right to clear storage space of unused or obsolete items. 11. Parking: DDI/Ralphs may limit or charge for parking, but they are not responsible for parking availability or violations. Members must take responsibility for any parking issues. 12. Space Usage: DDI/Ralphs can limit space usage for various reasons, including special events. Sewing and working may be restricted during such times. 13. Code of Conduct: Members must adhere to a code of conduct, which includes cleaning up after themselves, leaving machines ready for the next person, keeping workspaces organized, and observing safety precautions. Respect for others' rights, beliefs, opinions, and property is also emphasized. 14. Intellectual Property: DDI/Ralphs do not claim to protect intellectual property and do not bear responsibility for protecting the rights of staff and members. Members are encouraged to take appropriate precautions to safeguard their intellectual property. 15. Stealing and Borrowing: Members should not steal, borrow, or remove DDI supplies or belongings of others. Any broken items should be reported. 16. Parking Rules: Members must follow parking rules and restrictions set by Ralphs. 17. Membership Termination: DDI's Board of Directors reserves the right to terminate membership for violations of the Code of Conduct and Code of Ethics. 18. Code of Ethics: DDI has a commitment to ethical principles and a code of ethics for its board members, committee members, and staff. The code encourages transparency, disclosure, and discussion of potential conflicts of interest.

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