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Whether you are a new friend or a long time treasured friend of DDI, thank you for your support of our mission and vision of its founders over the last 10 years! Moving into the next decade, the board invites to to become a member of the newly formed Task Force that will assist in frontline expansion of DDI's mission and its offerings.

DDI's Mission:  The Denver Design Incubator is dedicated to providing business resources, education and professional development to the local community that will enhance and support a thriving, profitable and sustainable local sewn goods industry.

Task Force Mission:  Drive DDI's mission forward with proactive achievable results now and with an eye on continuing to build DDI for the next 10 years!

The primary criteria to be a member of the Task Force is to contribute to DDI's success.  Answering the questions below will help us get to know you and your concepts of where you see the future of DDI heading.

The benefit of being a Task Force member?  Gain experience working with an amazing team to grow a vibrant organization that supports your industry! Be a part of developing the future vision and actions of DDI!

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